[TRANS] 13.04.08 Kris’ Fanboard Replies

It’s been a long time since i came here.

Hello it’s KRIS.

I came after a while~


He write ‘im find thank you, and you.’ in the fanboard before. F-I-N-D

[KRIS] Hello I’m KRIS

Maybe he actually means he wants to find you, because he miss you…… I guess o_O he he he

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[UPDATE] 13.03.10 Kris’ Renren Update : I miss you a lot

I miss you a lot, I really do. Waiting can be a painful process but it can be one that’s filled with happiness too. Face your future bravely dear, I’m always here. Good morning…to the each and every one of you that I like and can’t forget.

eng trans by: @Planet_EXO
shared by: airdef @ EXOnesia

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