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MIRACLE IN DECEMBER is EXO’s Special Mini Album after MAMA. It released December 9th 2013 as a special gift to all fans around the world. After achieving their goal to get 1million sold physical album from XOXO & GROWL, EXO felt thankful for fans’ love and support, so they are coming back with Miracle In December. They comebacked as trio at first (Baekhyun, Chen, D.O. Sometimes with Luhan and Lay) with ballad and sweet voice. But then, in the mid of December, they were coming back as 12 with Christmas Day. Their comeback promotion session at the beggining of January. 
MIRACLE IN DECEMBER  album is totally awsome and amazing. With red & white colors, its giving fans thankful feeling of christmas and its totally sweet. Its contain is totally funny and cute. They are coming back with gentle and sweet aura.
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There will be 2 versions of MID, Korean & Chinese
1. You will get this for each version :
–Random Card
2. Tracklist

1 . 12월의 기적(Miracles in December)
2. Christmas Day
3. The Star
4. My turn to cry
5. 첫 눈
6. 12월의 기적 (Classical Orchestra Version)


1. 十二月的奇迹(Miracles in December)
2. Christmas Day(圣诞节)
3. The Star(星)
4. My Turn To Cry(爱离开)
5. 初雪(The First Snow)
6. 十二月的奇迹(Miracles in December)_Classical Orchestra Version

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