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Hello EXO fans around the world! We are, ADOREXONLY as one of EXO Fanbase, asking you guys to join our giveaway to celebrate 2yearsWithEXO . This Event open for all EXO fans around the world, BUT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS THAT WE HAVE. TAKE A NOTE THAT WE WILL NEVER ASKING FOR MONEY EXCEPT FOR THE SHIPPING COST FROM OUR PLACE TO WHERE EVER YOU ARE!

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[CLOSED] #OneAndHalfYearADOREXONLY Giveaway 131022

Hello everyone, we’re back with another giveaway! This time, it’s to celebrate #OneHalfYearWithADOREXONLY ! The giveaway will take place in both Tumblr and Twitter. Here are the rules, please read them carefully!

Halo semua, kita kembali dengan giveaway lagi! Kali ini giveaway kami dalam rangka merayakan #OneHalfYearWithADOREXONLY~ Giveaway ini akan berlangsung di Tumblr dan Twitter . Berikut adalah aturannya, harap dibaca dengan cermat !


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