Hello AMAZING EXO Fans ^^

Here we are, ADOREXONLY’s Staffs welcoming you into our wordpress ^^

In this pages, we like to make you know that we have SPECIAL SERVICE for you?

What is that?

1. Dropbox Update

We like to complied and upload all picts from EXO activities and upload it into our dropbox! So it will make you easier to collect EXO pictures ^^ We hope it will be very useful!

2. ADORE TEAM! Editing & Subbing Team

Now we already have translators and editors ^^ We like to complied some fancams and give you better quality with engsub! Now you also can know and watch EXO Activities while they are in off air event ^^ We will sub some shows, interviews of EXO as well! Please wait our new said patiently!

3. Present for EXO

Hello there ^^ We like to make you know that we already have partner who can help you to GIVE PRESENT FOR EXO ^^ This is  special for Indonesian Fans who want give their present for EXO but didnt know how to send it ^^ Our partner will guide you patiently^^

4. Unboxing Merchandise

This is very special service >< Some of our staffs are addict  to collect merchandises (from fansite or official), so we want to share how is it like ^^ We hope that you will like our hardwork ^^

So far, we still only have 3 Special Service ^^ But we hope that you will continue love us and support us!




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