GROWL is Repackage version of XOXO, The 1st Album of EXO. GROWL preorder start since July 30th 2013 and it will be officially release on August 5th 2013. EXO 1st comeback with Growl start on Mnetcountdown (130801)
GROWL is more expensive than XOXO because GROWL has higher quality than XOXO Ver. So if you a real fan of EXO, you really need to buy this.
There will be 2 versions of GROWL, Hug & Kiss. Hug for Chinese and Kiss for Korean.
1. You will get this for each version :
–GROWL ‘CD’ & The Album
–104 Pages of Photobook (include with the Song Pages. We are not sure if each ver will have different or same pages. But maybe there will be different in some page just like XOXO Album)
–Random Card (not sure if its Photocard or other card)
2. Tracklist
01. 으르렁(Growl) | 02.늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) | 03.XOXO | 04.Lucky | 05.Baby, Don’t Cry (인어의 눈물) | 06.Black Pearl | 07.나비소녀(Don’t Go) | 08.Let Out The Beast | 09. 3.6.5 | 10. Heart Attack | 11.피터팬(Peter Pan) | 12.Baby | 13.My Lady | 14.으르렁(Growl)(EXO-K Ver.)
01. 咆哮(Growl) | 02.狼与美女 (Wolf) | 03.XOXO (Chinese Ver.) | 04.Lucky (Chinese Ver.) | 05.Baby, Don’t Cry (人鱼的眼泪)  | 06.Black Pearl (Chinese Ver.) | 07.蝴蝶少女(Don’t Go) | 08.Let Out The Beast (Chinese Ver.) | 09. 3.6.5 (Chinese Ver.) | 10.Heart Attack (Chinese Ver.) | 11. 彼得潘(Peter Pan) | 12.Baby (第一步) | 13.My Lady (Chinese Ver.) | 14.咆哮 (Growl)(EXO-M Ver.)
3. The price
-At Korea = 17.900 won
-At Indonesia = Around IDR 215-250.000
-Worldwide Price = Around $22USD – $26USD
4. Recommended Online Shop
We always recommended you for the best Online Shop that we have, @KichiMarket
They will ship worldwide & trusted, so you didnt need to worry.
Look the details how to purchase here at wordpress
And place your order here



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