[BAHASA TRANS] 120703 EXO tampil sebagai group yang complete pertama kali di China dalam show ‘Happy Camp’

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EXO-M datang ke Changsa untuk record ,Happy Camp. sebelum 25 April 2012. Karena ini adalah variety show pertama EXO-K dan EXO-M, banyak sekali fans yang ingin melihat stage mereka di China. Bulan ini akan ada 15th Anniversary Happy Camp, dan staff telah mengabulkan permintaan para fans, yaitu mengundang kedua group untuk 15th Anniversary  dan show bersama. Pada 2 juli, keduabelas member EXO muncul untuk rehearseal. Setelah selesai rehearseal, EXO sangat prfesional dan mereka melakukan hormat bungkuk 90 derajat untuk berterima kasih pada Host He Jiong dan kepada semua staff yang bertugas.


came to Changsha to record <Happy Camp> before on April 25th. Following their first variety show appearance in China, a lot of fans hoped that they would be able to see EXO-M and EXO-K’s joint stage in China. This month marks the 15th Anniversary of Happy Camp, and the staff team was finally able to fulfil the fans’ wishes, inviting both groups to celebrate the 15th birthday of the show together. On the 2nd of July, all twelve members of EXO appeared on stage for rehearsals. After finishing their rehearsals, EXO were very professional and courteous, giving a 90-degree bow to thank the host He Jiong and the rest of the staff on duty.

Source: China News
Translator: minniemin_ @ CXO
Editor: NovemberSnow @ CXO

Bahasa Translation HJSOfficial @ EXOfficialINA
Please take out with full and proper credits.

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