[CLOSED][PRESENT FOR EXO] ♥ 2013 HAPPY LAY DAY ♥ by LOVELYIXING | Deadline 130929 & 130917

For Yixing’s upcoming bday, I decide to join LOVELYIXING’s bday project.


1. Fund-rising / donation fee
Donations will be used for Lay’s birthday support.
master will give special gift for those who deposited more than 180.000 IDR

*Deadline : September 29, 2013 at 11:45pm

2. Present for Lay
We (BLACKSTAR & ADOREXONLY) will help you send your personal gifts and letters to Yixing.
You don’t need to wrap your package because I’ll wrap it together with other fans’ gifts.
Please make sure, your gifts are not dangerous nor easily rotten food.
Please give useful and good things only.

*Deadline : please make sure your package must arrive at my place on September 17, 2013

contact us: @lilcrusnik07 @ADOREXONLY (twitter account)
We are their coordinator from Indonesia.

Please send me your registration via email: blackstar1419@gmail.com
subject: Lovelyixing’s fund-rising/present

*Address: (include your postal code)
*Twitter account:
*Handphone Number:
*he amount of donation:
–date of deposit: (IF YOU ALREADY TRANSFERED)

–name of your bank: (WHICH BANK THAT YOU WILL USE, ex : BCA/MANDIRI)
*description of your present: (EX : T-shirt, Handmade keychain/plushie/book)

Your email will be replied with,
1. Confirmation of your registration
2. Total amount of your deposit
3. Account number of Mandiri bank for deposit your donation to us.
4. Destination address where you should deliver your present and phone number.

After make a deposit, please send your prove ( picture or scan ) by mention tp @lilcrusnik07 on twitter or email. Thank You.



1. Donasi untuk Lovelyixing
Donasi akan digunakan untuk membantu project ulangtahun Lay

Kalian akan mendapatkan special gift jika kalian mendonasikan lebih dari 180.000 IDR

*Deadline : September 29, 2013 at 11:45pm WIB

2. Hadiah untuk Lay
Kami (BLACKSTAR & ADOREXONLY) akan membantu kalian unntuk mengirimkan I’ll help you send your personal gifts and letters to Yixing.
Kalian tidak perlu membungkus hadiah kalian karena kami akan membungkusnya dengan hadiah yang lain.

Pastikan bahwa kalian tidak memberikan barang yang mudah pecah, berbahaya, makanan/minuman.

Tolong berikan hadiah yang bermanfaat dan bisa dipakai.

*Deadline : pastikan kalau barang kalian sudah datang sebelum 17 September 2013

contact us: @lilcrusnik07 @ADOREXONLY (twitter account)
Kami adalah coordinator project mereka dari Indonesia

Tolong kirimkan kami registrasi form keikutseraan kalian ke  email: blackstar1419@gmail.com
dengan subject: Lovelyixing’s fund-rising/present

*Alamat Lengkap: (dengan kode post)
*Account Twitter :
*Nomor Handphone
*Jumlah uang yang ingin didonasikan:
–Tanggal berapa kalian akan mentransfernya :

–Nama bank account yang akan kalian gunakan : (contoh : BCA/MANDIRI)
*Penjelasan tentang hadiah yang akan kalian berikan : (Contoh : Baju, Scarpbook / gantungan kunci buatan kalian sendiri, dll)

Kami akan segera membalasnya dengan
1. Pengkonfirmasian keikutsertaan kamu bahwa kami telah menerima form-mu!
2. Total uang yang harus kalian transfer
3. No rekening Bank Mandiri bank yang kami gunakan untuk pengumpulan donasi
4. Alamat & nomor telepon tujuan yang akan kalian kirimkan hadiah

Setelah men-deposit uang donasi kalian, tolong berikan bukti (gambar/scan) ke twitter @lilcrusnik07 on atau email kami kembali


If you have questions, please contact us soon!

mention me @lilcrusnik07 or @adorexonly on twitter


send me your mail at blackstar1419@gmail.com

Thank you, Let’s support and show our love to our idol and have a nice day.

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