[UPDATE] 130617 – Hong Jinkyung’s Twitter Update – 2:00

엑소 사진 실시간 방출합니다! 첫번째로 찬열! 두둥 pic.twitter.com/BTl9O98ZyY

EXO photos are being released real time! First Chanyeol! doodoong

두번째로 디오! 짜잔! pic.twitter.com/fijmebFbhZ

Secondly D.O! Jjajan!

세번째! 크리스입니당! pic.twitter.com/S7zKhA1Sh7

Third! It is Kris!

네번째는 수호입니당! 두두둥! pic.twitter.com/tYDAI5qAvw

Fourth is Suho! doodoodoong!

마지막으로! 기다리셨죠? 레이 사진입니당. 끝까지 홍시와 함께해주세요~pic.twitter.com/CYQBmP2CIA

Lastly! You waited right? It’s Lay’s photo. Please be tougher with Hongshi till the end~

source: hong jinkyung’s 2:00’s twitter
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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