[TRANS] 130618 – Hong Jinkyung’s 2:00 : “EXO EXO”

First place on the 3 ground waves (t/n: talking about major broadcast companies)
All kill on music charts
The general trend idol these days

Out of the 12 members, we were together with Chanyeol, Lay Suho, Kris, and D.O.

We’re releasing their selcas!

And the first place pledge that they couldn’t keep, Hongshi was sure to cleanly watch over.

For those that possibly could have missed the bora (t/n: short for boheeuneun radio which means viewable radio) we will show you a bit of the scene.

Although you can’t hear it, Suho-sshi who diligently wailed for the listeners that were watching through bora!

It’s affectionate♥

The members that are watching over the wailing Suho’s side!

They are all individually doing different things faithfully(?).

Hongdi flower that blossomed out of a sepal called EXO

It’s a really warm sight.

Next time, EXO as a whole! I wish a spring day would come.

EXO… I was thankful

source: Hong Jinkyung’s 2:00
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

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