[NEWS] 130614 TV DAILY “First impression for EXO – WOL? Fresh.”

EXO-K and EXO-M who were respectively active in Korean and China last year have returned as ‘one’.

We recently met in Nonhyun-dong with EXO (Kai, Luhan, Tao, Chen, Sehun, Lay, Xiumin, Baekhyun, D.O, Suho, Kris, Chanyeol), who, after revealing their album this past 3rd, are gathering hot popularity.

EXO is having their comeback approximately one year since April of last year, when they had their first mini-album “MAMA”. The twelve members revealed that this is a happier comeback as ‘one’, as they have returned with more and more mature music and a strong performance.

“We had our comeback after a year in which many fans waited, we also wanted to see the fans very much, and because we are able to show such a cool stage like this, we are happy. Also, this time since the twelve members are all together having a comeback, promotions are fun and enjoyable.” (Suho)

EXO’s title song of their album this time, “Wolf”, is a dubstep and hip hop collaboration dance song that is a bit wild with a powerful beat and sound. It makes EXO’s magnificent performance stand out. Also, the lyrics about a wolf that lived alone in a cave meeting a girl and feeling love, wittily unravel a different kind of fun.

This song rose to number one of various domestic music charts immediately after being released, having an all-kill, and was also at a high position in European album charts, which confirmed its global popularity. Like the fans who were captivated when they first heard “Wolf”, how were the member’s reactions?

“Right when I heard the song, I had thoughts like ‘with this song, the performance will look cool’. At first, the guide was in English and only had the ‘saranghaeyo (t/n: ‘I love you’)’ parts in the lyrics. So of course it felt fresh. I especially like the ‘saranghaeyo’ part. Because it has toxicity, it catches your ear right away. The face of the beauty who sang ‘saranghaeyo’ is one that we also don’t know.” (Kai)

The confidence that EXO has in not just “Wolf” but the other songs included in their album is great. Without being biased, fans consider this album, released in both Korean and Chinese, to have been  an excellent choice.

“With the words yearbook and old-school as keywords, this yearbook-like album was made. It is split into a Kiss version and a Hug version, Kiss version is Korean, Hug version is Chinese, and twelve songs are included. Because there are various song genres, you will be able to feel many different charms.” (Chanyeol)

EXO boasts twelve members and that, among idol groups, is a big group of people in the country, and they show off a strong and magnificent performance, which is their strength. But, no matter what, these boys can’t avoid the current music world’s war that is spilling with idol groups. What does EXO think about the burning war between groups?

“There are many friends with skills but we want to receive recognition for a performance that is just filled with our own color. Even just performing on the stage with all of the twelve members seems like it is cool. Performing the tree dance, cave dance, etc. on stage and being able to show various sides seem to make up a performance that is cooler than when we are split into six.” (Kai)

Like this, rather than wars with others, EXO would like to receive recognition from their fans by just showing off their performances. “Because many people said ‘out of the performances I’ve seen up until now, this is the best’, we want to show even more things.” (Baekhyun)

As much as EXO, with twelve members, has two to three more members than other groups, from start of the interview to the end, we didn’t know when the talking would end. They are twelve boys with different individuality but, at the last question at the end of their interview, everyone’s hearts became one.

“We want to become a senior group that surpasses Shinhwa. And we consist of both Korean and Chinese members. We want to become icons of Korea and China. And exceeding that, our goal is to become singers that represent Asia.”

source: TV Daily
english translation by: zesha @ exok-trans
SHARED by: carissanim @ EXOnesia

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