Thanks To from EXO Members <3 Printed


From Tao,

Hello everybody! I am EXO’s TAO.  Thank you to SM Entertainment, SMTOWN, and all of the seniors, Lee Soo Man and all of the company’s presidents and workers, working hard day and night on our behalf, thank you all, you’ve really worked hard.  At the same time, thank you to the company for giving us the opportunity to debut, allowing me and the other 11 members to come together.  And also for meeting the fans, older and sisters, younger brothers and sisters, etc, who have always deeply loved and supported us all this time……  Thank you to those who have helped us before debut and in the present.  Our manager geges, jiejies, our stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, my family members, my friends, thank you all.  It is because of all of you that there is today’s EXO.  I have never forgotten my heart from the beginning, I will always work hard, I will always continue to mature, I won’t let you down, I love you all.  Finally, thank you to my mother and father, my grandmother and grandfather, you have worked hard.  The glory you have given me, I will keep in mind for my entire life.

I love you all.  All of EXO’s fan friends.  Let us all walk towards the end together.  Victory is ours.  To us, there is nothing in the world that is impossible!!  Thank you to all of the people mentioned above, it is all of you that have created the brightness in my today, thank you all. (source: Cordy♥ trans cr: angi @ exom-trans)


From Luhan,

Thank you so much Lee Soo Man-teacher, Kim Young-min-president, and our manager-geges! KANGTA-senior, BoA-senior, Dong Bang Shin Ki-seniors, SUPER JUNIOR-seniors, Girls’ Generation-seniors, SHINee-seniors, f(x)-seniors, Henry-ge, Zhou Mi-ge, Li Yin-jie! For the help and encouragement that all the workers of SM China have given us!!! Of course, we cannot do without the love and support the fans have given us! I’m very grateful that you have all been able to accompany us! We will definitely work hard with our activities, presenting our most perfect side for everyone to see! Becoming one of the best groups! We won’t let everyone down! Please believe in us! We will definitely make it! (translation cr; xuan@exom-trans)


From Xiumin,

Finally… EXO whom you’ve waited and waited for! Have officially released the album~~!! (Wow~!) First of all, our EXO members! It’s been hard on you! ^_^ (Xīn kǔ le~ (T/N: the pinyin of “it’s been hard on you” in Chinese)) Also! The parents who gave birth to the very good looking EXO~ I love you all, thank you. We, EXO, will become dutiful sons who are filial to our parents! Ah! Also! Thank you Lee Soo Man-teacher and Kim Young Min-president who brought about EXO; Nam So Young-director general, Kyle Jeong-director, Han Se Min-director and Yoo Young Jin-director who often writes good songs for us, thank you all very much. I want to become an even more hard working Xiumin, no, EXO. (WE ARE ONE!) We definitely cannot do without mentioning these people~ the jiejies who have been by our sides and helped us ever since predebut, Lee Jeung Ah-jiejie, Hee Jun-jiejie, Yu Eun-jiejie, because of us, you have worked hard… In the future~ I will become a not-embarrassing! Handsome! And proud XIUMIN~ Thank you, I love you all~ ♥ And thank you to those who are currently living with us, protecting us, the firm and reliable, almost like one’s own geges and jiejies: Young Jun-ge, Min Uk-ge, Seung Hwan-ge, Yong Min-ge, Ji Hun-ge, Ah Reum-jiejie, we’ll be counting on you in the future too. Hyun Kyun-ge, Jae Jyeok-ge! Thank you to you two too! ^_^ Finally… Our dearest EXO fans! You’ve waited long, haven’t you? In order to present to the fans an even better image, we have always been preparing, the time that has passed has seriously been too long TT… Sorry… Also… For giving us such a big amount of love all the time, thank you so so so much… I’m extremely touched TT I love you all~ ♥ Then, from now on, will you run together with EXO? Are you ready? Let’s go!!! (source: Cordy♥ trans cr: xuan@exom-trans)


From Chen,

Our fans, you’ve waited for a long time haven’t you? Our first album has finally come out! Thank you  for constantly giving me the deepest help and support. Looking at our fans like this, we will put in even more effort, to show you an even better side of us! ^^ The fans are also together with EXO. We Are One! I love you all ♥ Also, to my mom, dad and hyung who always believe in me and support me! You know how much I love you right?! My family members, hwaiting!! I frequently think you, and put in more effort in my activities. Don’t worry about me, I wish you good health~^^ I love you! At the same time, An Su Bong, Chu Bong Ku, Lee Ju Hyeong and Lee Kyu Man, Kim Nam Jong, Cho Ju Yeon, Kim Su Hyeon, Park Keon Wu, who are currently in the army, I love you!! And,  I want to thank Teacher Lee Soo Man  who allowed this album to be released, Kim Young Min CEO and all the staff at SM. Thank you Hyun Kyun hyung as well! Thank you SM sunbaes for showing concern for us, especially Ryeowook hyung, thank you~! Also, in the time that we’ve been preparing for the album, the manager hyungs, the members, thank you, you’ve worked hard. Especially Lay gege, Luhan ge, Kris ge, maknae Tao! When we had activities in China, the Chinese members who helped me a lot! Xiumin hyung who treats me as his younger brother! The same aged friends Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O. The younger brothers who are like hyungs Kai, Sehun. Cute leader Suho hyung. I love you all♥ EXO Let’s love!! (source; Cordy trans cr; amy @exom-trans)


From Lay,

Firstly, I want to thank my mother.  During this journey you have given a lot, always supporting me, always encouraging, you’ve worked hard.  And then, the one who has always been good to me, the father who taught me to sing, although I cannot sing as well as you, I will continue to work hard.  Thank you to my grandmother and grandfather, who have raised me since I was little.  Because you are teachers, you have allowed me to grow up in the best environment.  I cannot stay by your side, so I feel really regretful.  I hope you are all in good health, and I also hope that I can bring you happiness.  And to the members who are just like family, thank you all ♡ Thank you Lee Soo Man, President Kim Young Min, Director Nam So Young, Director Kyle Jeong, Director Han Se Min, Director Yoo Young Jin, and all of SM Entertainment’s workers.  It is because of all of them, that we are able to put forth the best stages to perform for everybody, while the work behind the curtains is hard and complex.  Whether a day, or many months are needed for our preparation, they silently work, I’m really extremely thankful.  For being able to enter SM Entertainment, I have to thank Yu Eun jiejie, Ah Reum jiejie, Hee Jun jiejie, Lee Jeung Ah jiejie, and also for training me for four years.  And for all of the teachers who have given me lessons during that time,  Jin Young ge, Jae Won ge, Sang Hoon ge, Ku Young ge, Hyo Jae ge, thank you.  Ku Young ge, Jae Won ge, who have taught me during the time before dawn.  And there are our manager geges and jiejies, Min Uk ge, Young Min ge, Ah Reum jiejie, Hyun Kyun ge, Jae Hyeok ge, Ji Hun ge, Seung Hwan ge, Dal Young ge.  Especially Ah Reum jiejie, who has always taken care of me, from the moment I entered the company, when I did not know Korean, and I was without anybody to talk to, thank you for looking after me.  Even at the times when I misbehaved, you patiently continued to instruct me, thank you.  Next I want to thank my heroes~ especially those big gods who have taken care of everything~ you’ve worked hard for the past year.  Also to the xingmi who have stayed by my side for eight years.  If you guys aren’t heroes, I dare ask, who in the world could be called heroes?!!  I am an ordinary person, it just happens that I have a special job.  Yet the support, love, and care you have given me, have allowed me to travel this road warmly.  Thank you also for everything you have done for me, I remember everything, always keeping it in my heart, thank you.  There are also those fan friends from far away whom I cannot meet face to face, but always supported me all this time, I have not forgotten you all~ thank you.  I hope you can stay by my side forever, and also thanking all of EXO’s fans, you have worked hard, you guys are the best~!  Finally, thank you to my friends, all the students of classes 0316, 0406, 0711, I hope everybody can reach another level in their studies.  Thank you also to Kang XK, who has always encouraged and supported me, the help you have given to me while I was in Korea, you are the best.  You would often explore a lot with me when it came to composing.  Wait and when I come back remember to supplement my knowledge of music theory~~~ and additionally, thank you Hunan Normal University High School, Teacher Yang, Teacher Zheng, Teacher Li, Teacher Xiong, Teacher Chang, Director Chen, for all the help you have given during my time at school, and also thanking my alma mater~  in the new year, let’s all work hard~ I love you all. “Grateful, Filled with emotions, Touched, Thankful~” (source: Cordy♥ trans cr: angi @ exom-trans)


From Kris,

Firstly, I want to thank the members who have fought alongside together, thank you! For letting us create a name of our own, creating a history that belongs to us only, in the future, EXO will definitely become even more powerful, We Are One! I want to thank Teacher Lee Soo Man, thank you for grooming me, thank you for the faith you’ve had in me all these years, I will definitely repay you. and will not let your hopes down., I will work even harder, and not disappoint you and properly lead, and help the group towards success.  I hope that you can continue to believe in me, I will continue to put in more effort, and prove myself. At the same time I want to thank CEO Kim Young Min , thank you for the concern and help you’ve given us. We will continue to work hard at our activities and not let your various hopes for us down.  Director Nam So Young, Director Kyle Jeong, Director Han Se Min, Director Yoo Young Jin, thank you for all the care you’ve given us, you’ve really done a lot for us. At the same time, I want to thank Young Jun gege who has constantly shown me concern, care and trusted in me (Thank you for placing your hope in me, I definitely will not disappoint you), Min Uk gege (thank you for taking care of me like a real gege, I will work hard, please be assured.) Seung Hwan gege (The grace, understanding, care and hope you’ve had in me, I will not forget, I will definitely remember the lessons you’ve taught me.) Yong Min gege, (Best Soulmate thank you ge for being by my side when I was having trouble.) Ji Hun gege (You’ve worked hard, next time I’ll treat you to something nice to eat ^_^), finally,  Hee Jun jiejie and Ah Reum jiejie who have given me so much care like a family member, all these years because of your being by my side, I was able to persevere on, because of your teachings I was able to become even more mature, allowing me to have the opportunity to walk towards success. Thank you!!  Thank my family, my beloved grandfather, grandmother, auntie, uncle, cousin and mummy ♡ I love you! To me, you are the greatest support and also the motivation for me to never give up! and my friends, brothers, of course I would not forget you. Love you all, thank you. Finally, I want to thank all the friends who support EXO, you are the best. It doesn’t matter how hard it is or how long the wait is, it is all worth it. In the road ahead, I hope that you will be there to walk with us. And of course, my most important each and every one of you,  to all my fanqings*, I like you, my love will never change. We’ll walk down this road in the future together, let’s put in effort and jiayou!!! XN

Present Is The Best Present for us <3

 *Name Chinese Kris fans give themselves. (source; Cordy♥  trans cr; amy @exom-trans)



From Sehun,

Firstly… thanks to teacher Lee Sooman. For always paying attention to us and helping us, thank you to all of the SM employees. To my family who is always at my side, I love you!! Those who are always at my side since I was a trainee, making me pretty, and helping me to grow up correctly, Jungah-noona, Heejun-nuna, Yueun-noona, Areum-noona, I love you!! Thanks to the noona’s it seems that there was able to be this cool member in a group called EXO. Minwookie-hyung, Seunghwanie-hyung, Jaehyukie-hyung, Jiheonnie-hyung, Hyungyunnie-hyung, Yongminnie-hyung, Dalyoungie-hyung thank you always. To the SM artists sunbaenim’s, thank you for always paying attention to us. Those who always make us, EXO, look pretty God’s hand Naeju-hyung, O blood type Yunsu-noona, lol Sejungie-hyung, Psyduck Seulgi-noona, ㅋㅋ thank you so much!! Head of department Chwisungie, Hyunhee-noona, Bae Chajang-nim, Suhyun-noona, Minhee-noona, Minjung-noon, I’ve been thankful!! The coordi hyung’s and noona’s now, take care of me!! My friends that I love, Sangmin, Chanyoung, Minho, I love you!! And Jung Daeun  ㅋㅋ Dani~~ let’s become closer friends!! Thank you to Sungsoo-hyung, Yunjung-noona, Jinhyunnie-hyung, Wonseokie-hyung who always pay attention to our songs!! EXO members that I always love, let’s become members that believe in and have faith in each other ㅋㅋ EXO is jjang!!! (t/n: ‘jjang’ is a word meaning ‘best’) Lastly… all of the fans that I am really thankful towards… Thank you and thank you… you guys waited a lot didn’t you? Now EXO is running. As much as you guys have waited, we will show a cooler image. Because there is the fans, we are alive. Thank you very much and I love you, come with us until the end!! (t/n: Here Sehun writes ‘I love you’ in 5 different languages with the Korean alphabet. In order it’s Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, English) Saranghaeyo, wo ai ni men, aishteru, pom rakkunkab, I love you~~ ㅋㅋ EXO fans are the best!!

source: Cordy♥
translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans

From Kai,

Our loving members who were with me before our debut, this is the result of our efforts, the blood and the tears we shed from our trainee days until before our comeback ! We finally had our comeback with our first full album. Since I know better than anyone how hard we worked, I absolutely want to say this. Thanks a lot.. From now on, if we trust each and love each other, I won’t be jealous of anything in this world. Also, I want to thank Teacher Lee Sooman who gave me the chance to debut under EXO with such nice members. Furthermore CEO Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwan, Director Han Semin, Director Yoo Youngjin, thank you. To my reliable dad who allowed me to dance in order to fulfill my dream, my mom who is prettier than anyone and who always prays with tears running down her face, my oldest sister who is my #1 fan, and my cute second oldest sister who, even though I call her nuna, is like a little sister, I miss you all and I love you ! My brother-in-law Cheolhongie hyung who said I was cool and he was proud of me, and the aunts who put age aside and always support me I am so thankful~! Pinocchio Munkyu, Rick Ross Kwonho, the civilian Changki hyung, my cool sunbae Taemin, I’m always thankful and I miss you..!!! To Sanghoonie hyung who used to be my instructor, Jaewonie hyung, Jinyoungie hyung, the reliable Soonghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Jaehyukie hyunng, Jiheonie hyung, Yongminnie hyung, Dalyoungie hyung, and the stylists who make us shine even brighter on stage, Heejun nuna who made me a human before making me a singer, Jungah nuna, Areum nuna, and especially Yooeun nuna, I won’t forget your kindness. Aside from this, thank you to the SMTOWN family members ! Last but not least our fans who waited for us whether it rained or snowed!! EXO is now back after a long wait~ It’s because of all of you who supported us that we were able to comeback with such a cool image. From now on I’m asking for a lot of cheers and interest! I love you. Our fans !!
♥_♥ EXO let’s love !!! Aoou woo~ woo~~~~!

source: Cordy♥
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans


From D.O,

The ones I’m always thankful to, teacher Lee Sooman, boss Kim Youngman, director Nam Soyoung, director Jung Changhwan, director Han Semin, director Yoo Youngjin, family, members, all of the fans, and including everyone who helped EXO, thank you. We will become a cooler, growing EXO and D.O who are no not fooled by familiarity and who do not lose the precious things. I sincerely thank you.

source: Cordy♥
translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans


From Baekhyun,

Hello. This is EXO’s light Baekhyun! Our EXO’s first full album has finally been released ! Clap clap clap~ ! Thank you so so much to Teacher Lee Sooman who gave us such a good album and our name EXO~! Director Kim Youngmin, Director Nam Soyoung, Director Jung Changhwang, Director Han Semin, Director Yoo Youngjin thank you ! And also, the SMTOWN sunbaenims I respect a lot ! Thank you so much for being generous and giving us advice ! And to our Heejun nuna who treats us like we were her sons and who’s always nice to us, Jungah nuna with the broad laugh, Yooeun nuna who is like my real sister, My right arm who is always by my side Areum nuna, thank you and I love you ! And Youngjunie hyung, Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Jiheonie hyung, Jaehyukie hyung, Hyunkyunie hyung, Jaewonie hyung, Sanghoonie hyung, Jinyoungie hyung, Hyoje hyung who make us shine even brighter thank you ! And Yoonsoo nuna who always makes us look cool, Naeju hyung, Seulgi nuna, Sekyungie hyung, Kichulie hyung, Saehee hyung thank you ! And also Sungsoo hyung, Jinhyunie hyung, Wonshikie hyung, Yoonjung nuna and all the A&R hyungs and nunas who alwyays give us the ability to sing, thank you~! Aside from this ! Thank you to all the SM staff members who work hard for us and who help us~! And to my mom and dad who gave birth to me prettily and who raised me, I love you♥ My lovely hyung~! And also all my relatives who support me, my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather thank you ! And my precious friends, I love you~!♥ Last but not least, our EXO fans, you’ve waited for a long time~! EXO is finally making a sortie~! Thank you for waiting for us~ We also missed you a lot. ㅠ_ㅠ From now on, since we’ll become an even cooler and more hardworking EXO~! Please love us a lot ! You know it right? ㅋㅋ Right?^^ ♥ EXO and our EXO fans ! Let’s stand together~! Fighting ! Our EXO fans are the best~! ♡ I love you~

source: Cordy♥ translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans


From Chanyeol,

Hello~! It is EXO’s rap and virus, Chanyeol! I got to write my first Thanks To while preparing for our official album this time! I have so many people to thank.. Don’t get sulky if you’re not here~♡ Firstly my family! To my mom, dad, and sister who gave birth to me and raised me thank you so much and I love you~♡ And Lee Sooman teacher who made EXO and made me EXO Chanyeol! Thank you! Also Kim Youngmin boss, Nam Soyoung Director, Jung Changhwan Director, Han Saemin Director, Yoo Youngjin Director thank you. Our seniors that always care for our EXO, Kangta senior, BoA senior, Trax seniors, Dongbangshingi seniors, Cheonsangjihee seniors, Super Junior seniors, SonyeoShidae seniors, SHINee seniors, f(x) seniors really thank you a lot and I respect you! Our EXO members as well, thank you so much and I love you~♡ Heejun noona, Jungah noona, Yooeun noona, Ahreum noona, that made the trouble maker child Changyeol into a manly Chanyeol, I love you♡ Our manager hyungs that suffer with us together wherever we are! Youngjoonie hyung, Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Hyunkyunie hyung, Yongminie hyung, Jaehyukie hyung thank you. Sanghoonie hyung and Jaewanie hyung who suffer gravely because of us, thank you so much and Jinyoungie hyung that will show us songs, thank you! Thank you so much to Beenzino-sshi who gave me a huge music inspiration. Also for making us shine on stage, Naejoo hyung, Yoonsoo noona, Sungah head of department, Kichulie hyung, Saehee hyung, and stylists, thank you~! My friends that I love so so much, and miss so so much! Jjakie, George, Jangyoonie, Sohni, Meng, Byunghunie, Sungjoonie, Minseokie! And our Heavy Noise!, UD Family! I love you♡ And lastly our pretty and cool fans that waited for and loved our EXO.. To me there is only everyone. Let’s love forever~ Because you guys are here, we are here! Then till now it has been EXO Chanyeol. We Are One! Thank you.

source: Cordy♥
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans


From Suho,

Our root SMTOWN, and EXO, all of this is possible because Lee Sooman teacher exists. Us EXO will always work hard to become the real artist that opens up a new generation, like teacher’s words. Thank you. Above all, my family.. Father, mother, and hyung. Because there is our family’s love and trust, I am able to venture out. I love you. Because there is SMTOWN family, I am happy. Kim Youngmin boss, Nam Soyoung Director, Jung Changhwan Director, Han Saemin Director, Yoo Youngjin Director that always supports us! Thank you. Our noonas that have always been by our side since before debut.. Jungah noona whom I love more than anyone, will I be able to send my thanks. Heejun noona, Yooeun noona, Ahreum noona! Manager hyungs that always care for us from besides us~ Youngjoonie hyung, Seunghwanie hyung, Minwookie hyung, Hyunkyunie hyung, Yongminie hyung, Jaehyukie hyung, Jihunie hyung, Dalyoungie hyung. Sungsoo hyung, Yoonjung noona, Wonseokie hyung, Jinhyunnie hyung that always are in charge of our music!! Drivers and Kenzie noona! Sanghoonie hyung, Jaehwanie hyung, Hyojae hyung, who always create our performances, thank you. From the respectful seniors, I learn a lot. Kangta senior, BoA senior, Dongbangshingi seniors, Super Junior seniors that always care for us. Teukie hyung, Donghae hyung, Kyuhyunie hyung, thank you. Sonyeoshidae seniors that pretty us! Our loving SHINee seniors.. Best friend Jonghyunie, Taeminie, Minho, Keybum, pretty f(x) seniors.. Thank you to everyone and I love you. Also, thank you to Yoonju noona,Jungah noona, Sukgi hyung, Eunbi noona that helped us with each and every thing since the beginning, Min Heejin noona, Naejoo hyung, Yoonsu noona, Saekyungie hyung, Seulgi, Sungah head of department, Hyunhee noona, Soohyun noona, Minhee, Gichulie hyung, Saehee hyung. Middle school, High school teachers and friends that made me get a dream.. and a place of never-ending learning, Korean National University of Arts’ professors, seniors, juniors, and colleagues, I will never forget the always thankful heart. Eunkyung teacher, Hyukmo teacher, Sangma teacher, Jongcheon teacher, Jinyoungie hyung that taught me a lot of things!! Thank you. Our hyung friends, Rhythm Power Songwoonie hyung, Seokang hyungs.. and Moonkyu, Kyuhwanie hyung thank you. Although there is no end to the people I’m thankful to, EXO members that are next to me right now. I’m happy that we can be together I love you♡ It’s happening EXO comeback~~~ (t/n: If you searched EXO on portal sites, the first thing that would pop up used to be “It’s not happening EXO comeback”) You waited a long time right! Our fans!! Because our fans were always next to us, we were able to exist. I want to give you more and louder love than what you guys love us. When you guys are together with us at first, we are one. We Are One! I promise. EXO Let’s love!!!

source: Cordy♥
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans







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