Thanks To from EXO Members <3 Handwritten


From Tao,

Thank you SM for giving me this chance to debut, and allowing me and the other 11 members to walk together. Thank you to everyone who has helped us from before our debut to right now. Stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, manager geges and jiejies. My family and friends, and EXO’s fans etc…. I will love you all forever. Thank you!! – Tao (source ; Ivy_Ai , trans by xuan@exom-trans)

From Luhan, 


Thank you so much S.M Company’s Lee Soo-man-teacher, Kim Young-min-teacher, and our manager-geges! Dong Bang Shin Ki-seniors, BoA-senior, SJ-seniors, Girls’ Generation-seniors, SHINee seniors, F(x) seniors, Henry, Zhou Mi-ge; for the help and encouragement that all of S.M China’s workers have given us! Of course, we cannot do without, the support the fans have given us! I love you all! ♡ EXO WE ARE ONE! – Lu Han (source ; Ivy_Ai , trans by xuan@exom-trans)

From Xiumin,


EXO members!! Finally! The official album that we’ve waited and waited for is out~~!!
Now~ In order Luhan, Kris, Joonmyun (t/n: on top of Joonmyun he wrote “error”) (Suho) Baekhyun, Yixing (t/n: on top of Yixing he wrote “again error„,”) (Lay), Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Tao, Kai, Sehunah~
We really..there’s a lot;; Anyways! You guys are existences that I can’t live without„,although it’s been just one year since we’ve debuted,
in the future too, let us love each other as now and work even harder and become an even cooler EXO! Everyone OK?
Our members! For always taking care of me well, thank you and I love you~”♥”
Ah! And our EXO members’ parents! Thank you for giving birth to such cool sons.
Not forgetting this grace, us EXO! will be filial to our parents! Father, Mother, I love you~^^♥

(source; Ivy_Aitranslation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans)

From Chen, 

Our members~! You guys worked really hard promoting mini album MAMA! And although I was a member that came in late, I sincerely thank you for taking me in and taking care of me. Thank you! Let’s work hard even in the future! exo hwaiting!! Also, my parents, my hyung, my family, that is always supporting me from behind, thank you for always trusting in me. I love you~^^ And teacher Lee Sooman Kim Youngmin boss, many SM staff and repair staffs, thank you a lot! And lastly, all the fans that always support us~ I sincerely thank you and I love you~♥

(source; Ivy_Aitranslation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans)


From Lay,


Thank you for all the things you have done for us, all of me remembers it, and takes it to heart.  Thank you.  And also for all of those fans from far away who cannot come to see me, but still give me support, I have not forgotten you~ Thank you everyone, I hope you guys can stay by my side forever.  And also thank you all of EXO’s fans, you guys have worked hard, you are the best~!

(source; Ivy_Ai trans cr; angi @exom-trans)

From Kris,

Thank you to all the members who have fought together, the future will be even more powerful
Thank you to the company, the boss, and all the staff.
Thank you to my family, friends
Thank you to all the friends who support EXO
To the each and every one of you who is important to me, I like you, love you, It will never change
Let’s jiayou together

Present is present  <3 EXO Let’s love! – Kris (source; Ivy_Ai trans cr; amy @exom-trans)



From Kai,


To my members who practiced with me before our debut
We finally debuted together and we somehow managed to even release a full album!
When we’re happy we celebrate it together better than with anyone else and when we’re having a hard time we’re each other’s strength
To the members I’m thankful for, let’s always trust each other and become a loving EXO !
We won’t betray the sweat and tears that rolled down until now!
EXO let’s do well !!! (source: Ivy_Ai translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans)

From Chanyeol,


Our pretty and cool fans that waited and love us EXO..
To me, there is only everyone..
Let’s love forever (lip emoticon)~♥
Because you guys are here, we are here!
Then till now it has been Chanyeol!
We are one! Thank you.
Our EXO members, thank you so much and I love you~♥

Chanyeol (source: Ivy_Ai translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans)

From Suho,


To the EXO members who are next to me right now.. I’m happy we’re able to do it together I love you♡
EXO’s comeback~~~ You’ve waited for this for a long time right! Our fans!! 
It’s because you guys are always by our side that we can exist.
We always want to give you an even bigger love than the one you give us.
Everyone, when we’re with you, we are one. WE ARE ONE!! I promise you.
EXO let’s love!!!!

(source: Ivy_Ai translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans)

From D.O,


The ones I’m always thankful to, teacher Lee Sooman. Boss Kim Youngman. Director Nam Soyoung. Director Jung Changhwan. Director Han Semin, director Yoo Youngjin. The member’s families, all of the fans, and including everyone who helped EXO, thank you. We will become a cooler, growing EXO and D.O who are not fooled by familiarity and who do not forget the precious things.

I sincerely thank you. – D.O.

(source: Ivy_Ai translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans)

From Sehun,


EXO members that I always love, let’s become members that believe in and have faith in each other ㅋㅋ EXO is jjang!!! (t/n: ‘jjang’ is a word meaning ‘best’) Lastly… all of the fans that I am really thankful towards… Thank you and thank you… you guys waited a lot didn’t you?

Now EXO is running.

As much as you guys have waited, we will show a cooler image. Because there is the fans, we are alive. Thank you very much and I love you. – Sehun (source: Ivy_Ai translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans)

From Baekhyun,


Our EXO fans, you have waited a lot~!
EXO is finally making a sortie~!
Thank you for waiting for us~ We also missed you a lot… ㅠ.ㅠ
From now on, since we’ll become an even cooler and more hardworking EXO~! Please love us a lot !
You know it right? ㅋㅋ Right?^^ ♥
EXO and our EXO fans !
Let’s stand together~! Fighting !
Our EXO fans are the best~! ♡ I love you~

-EXO’s Baekhyun (source: Ivy_Ai translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans)







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