They had conversation as a couple. Every member has different scenarios! They talked so cute and full of aegyo like a normal couple! Dont be jealous! >< Enjoy this~~


Scenario: he doesn’t want his girlfriend to go to another male idol’s concert (cr;vid/trans)

c (chanyeol): baby, it’s me.
g (girl): oppa?
c: *scoffs* oppa? don’t you have anything to apologize to me about?
g: why?
c: don’t you have anything to apologize to me about?
g: no, why?
c: no? i heard something… it’s a bit hard to say.
g: oppa, among my friends, you know there’s one that likes shinee, right?
c: shinee? yeah, yeah, i know.
g: that friend wanted to go shinee’s concert so much she raised her grades and asked permission from her parents. but she has no one to go with.
c: so you’re leaving me behind to go to shinee’s concert?
g: no, i just see them as singers. i’m going because i like their songs. i don’t like them.
c: so, you don’t like my songs?
g: no, of course i like your songs!
c: really? does our relationship amount to nothing more than this.
g: no! i really like your songs. i really like you.
c: it’ll be fine if i just hold a concert.
g: but you don’t!
c: i will!
g: when?
c: i’ll hold a concert just for you.
g: but i already promised my friend and now i’ll have to break that promise.
c: just ask your friend to go alone.
g: how can you ask a girl to go alone. what if she runs into someone bad?
c: bad people? then… ask her to go with another friend.
g: i’m the only one that’s free.
c: so, me or shinee?
g: of course oppa!
c: right? so don’t go.
g: ah, why are you like this~
c: you won’t go, right?
g: i promised my friend-
c: /whines/ ah~~~ don’t go.
g: ah~~ why are you like this~


Scenario: he doesn’t want his girlfriend to go on a MT (cr;vid/trans)

Baekhyun (B): Baby, it’s me.
Girl (G): oppa
B: oh, baby.
G: i’m preparing to go to a MT now. (MT = membership training. basically a trip for friends/classmates/colleagues to become closer)
B: MT? what MT?
G: my school is going on a MT
B: you didn’t even tell me. when are you going?
G: uh, the day after tomorrow.
B: you should have told me at least a week earlier.
G: but oppa, you were so busy you couldn’t play with me.
B: at least send me a text. i’m taken back right now.
B: it’s not a bad place, but MTs are where bad things could happen.
G: well, to be honest, there will be a lot of good looking guys but i want no one but you.
B: if you only want me, don’t go. baby, can’t you not go? i’ll play with you tomorrow.
G: ah, but tomorrow i’m going somewhere.
B: i’ll go to you.
G: how?
B i’ll walk. i’ll cycle.
G: i don’t believe you. you’re busy.
B: no, believe me. you believe oppa right? if you go on the MT, it’s goodbye forever.
G: goodbye forever? how can you say that?
B: oppa or MT, choose.
G: … oppa

3. I’m in the middle of a schedule (but no i’m not) by Xiumin


Scenario: he lied to his girlfriend that he has a schedule but bumps into her at a club (cr;vid/trans)

M (Minseok): Baby, it’s me.
G (Girl): Oppa, where are you?
M: I’m in the middle of a schedule.
G: A schedule? Really? If you aren’t, what will you do?
M: Would I lie?
G: You really won’t lie to me, right?
M: You don’t believe me?
G: I trust you, but I saw someone who looks like you at a club.
M: CLUB? Why would I go to a club? Are there so many people who look like me?
G: But oppa, the person that looks like you is on the phone too, and I’m on the phone with you.
Boom: Sir? Your bill. Champagne…
G: Oppa, who is that beside you?
M: It’s my friend. My friend- Uh, I’m in the middle of a schedule.
G: Just turn your head a little to the left.
M: Why?
G: Oh, here you are, oppa~ You said you had a schedule? Was the schedule at a club?
M: Today’s schedule is at a club!
G: Why didn’t you tell me? I asked you.
M: Sorry. Sorry~





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