1. HJS – Jessy = Founder

Dear EXO Fans,
As Founder of ADOREXONLY. I just wanna to say thank you so much. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you for every support. Thank you for every love. We are not perfect. 1 year is not a short time. But time flies and made us like this. We will stick together as one. We’ll try to provide news, picts and everything about EXO. More Reliable and trusted than before. We’ll try to give you more special service and I hope you will keep with us. I can’t ask you to love us forever, but whenever you still love EXO, please keep remember that ADOREXONLY still here and will do our best. We are one! We love you! Happy #1YearWithADOREXONLY <3

2. DA – Dita = Twitter’s Staff, Uploader, The Main 6

Thanks for ADOREXONLY followers and staff because I have made so many friendship and had so many amazing experiences. Thanks to ADOREXONLY for everything.


3. KIA = Twitter’s Staff, Weibo’s Staff, The Main 6

Hey, to my dearest ADOREXONLY (EXOfficialINA & adoreablEXO in the previous) I’d glad to say happy #1yearWithADOREXONLY since i always keep watch on this beloved fanbase from the beginning until now. I personally hope that we may not be separated by the time because i feel like, yeah even my real family can’t give this to me but they (my lovely main 6 staffs) can take that part in my life and give a lot of support to each other. I love ADOREXONLY, not because of they have lot of followers. No. But i love ADOREXONLY because of they take care of me like their own family.
And to my dearest EXO. I realize that so many many fanbases in the world which dedicated to EXO and we (ADOREXONLY) is only a little part of the big scale. But one thing that we always keep promise in ourselves is that we won’t do the stupid things like others did. We love EXO, we share all about EXO, but we are not a gossip forum who will share the stupid news like gossip girls. And that is the best point that I love from this fanbase.
ADOREXONLY is a different one, and something different is better than something same but has nothing inside.
Thank you so much our beloved staffs and thank you so much EXO for made together as one!


4. SA – Steph = Tumblr’s Staff, Editor, The Main 6

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our followers~ It has been an honor to update for all of you. Thank you for all your support throughout the year. We apologize for any wrongdoings that we have committed, and we sincerely hope that you will be there to see us grow into a better fanbase. Please continue to treat us well, as we are nothing without you guys!  十分感激.

Secondly, I would like to thank the staff of ADOREXONLY. You guys are the absolute best <3 It’s so rare to find a group of people who click together the way that we do. For joining this fanbase, I am very grateful. Although we may not always see eye to eye, at the end of the day, we are family~ As a wise man by the name of Huang Zitao once said, “These are the people that I will not part with in a lifetime.” 非常爱你们.

Last but not least, I would like to thank EXO. Without you guys, I would have never been able to meet all our followers and the members of ADOREXONLY. Really, these 12 boys have done so much more for us than we have for them! Let’s forever stand by their side, okay? 我们是一家人.


5. XLH – Tasqia = Weibo’s Staff, The Main 6



6. CL – Cornel = Tumblr’s Staff, Twitter’s Staff, Editor, The Main 6

привет всем.. это нас первый юбилей. спасибо adorexonly семье, которая всегда остается с

нами поддерживает нас до сих пор. бес вам, савсемь не кого. бес EXO, савсемь не кого. даваите

продолжать стать хорошим fans-ом для EXO!

Hello guys, it’s our first anniversary. Thankyou for adorexonly family who always stay with us, support us

until now. We are nothing about you. We are nothing without EXO. Let’s keep being a good fans for exo! (Корнел/Cornel)

7. PYK = Weibo’s Staff

EXO,因为你们的出现,我们才会聚集在一起~ 相信以后会有很多个周年能让我们一起度过~也谢谢我们的粉丝们的支持,你们是我们工作的动力,我们会做的更好! Together forever~ We are one!We are family! Fighting~

Because of EXO, we got together~ I believe we will have many anniversary to celebrate in the future~l also wanna thanks our followers.You give us the power to work hard.We’ll do our best.Together forever~ We are one! We are family! Fighting~


8. KL = Translator & Creative Management for Singapore

Dear EXO fans,

Thank you for your kind support and concern towards EXO and also your contributions for EXO projects. Ever since ADOREXONLY has started, you guys have been supporting us. I hope that in the future, we can all still be together as one and support EXO till the end. Let’s all continue showing our love towards EXO as one!


9. SNR – Cema = Editor & Subber

#1YearwithADOREXONLY Happy 1st anniv for one of the best EXO’s fanbase @ADOREXONLY !! EXO fans, you have to stay tune with this fanbase. XD


10. Juni = Creative Management for Thailand

“ขอบคุณสำหรับการสนับสนุนที่คุณมีให้เรามาตลอด1ปีที่ผ่านมา เราสัญญาว่าทำให้ดียิ่งขึ้นในอนาคต อยู่กับเรากับ EXO ตลอดไปนะคะ”

“Thank you for your support all year,we promise we will do the best in the future, be with us and EXO forever”


11. Riecely = Creative Management for Philippines



12. Angela = Creative Management for Singapore

I want to thanks to all our followers who have been supporting us. I am really sorry for not being active like the others. And also I want to thanks EXO for appearing in my life, and making my whole life better. They really changed my life and I’m glad that happened. Oh lastly, fans, please be patient with the boys’ comeback. I am sure this long wait would be worth it ^^

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