[TRANS] 13.04.08 EXO-K Official Site Update: Sehun’s Message

Hello this is EXO’s maknae Sehun!!

Ah firstly… the first anniversary… time goes by very quickly…
Already, already… already one year with everyone has passed.
Thank you very, very much~ and I love you guys!

Our comeback… yes… we will have a comeback!!
Because we are really, really preparing a lot
The time that you have been waiting for us will not be wasted.

Thank you very much for always loving us, EXO, a lot!
But please love us more… (am I being too greedy…) keu keu maybe I’m being too greedy.
Please love us a lot more more more more more more more

And everyone!! I’ll tell you guys some good news.
Wah~ this is really daebak… ah… should I just not tell you guys…
Ah… what to do… should I tell you guys? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll tell you guys.

If I just say 412, you guys know what that is right?
If you don’t know… heum… I will believe that you guys all know…



There are plans for my birthday party! Isn’t that nice?? Uwah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I like it too. It would be nice if many of you came and had a fun birthday party with me~~

Lastly!! I’m happy that it’s our first anniversary.
I’m always really thankful to you fans and please love EXO~~
I really love you EXO fans~

About the location of my birthday party, Seoul, Apgujeong, XXX house number… keu keu~
You guys will see at that time~

source: exo-k’s official website
eng trans by: zesha @ exok-trans

shared by EXOnesia.com
re-shared by HJS ADOREXONLY

please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr


3 thoughts on “[TRANS] 13.04.08 EXO-K Official Site Update: Sehun’s Message

  1. Hi , can I ask something ? Do you know what Sehun sosial site ? If u do know , can u reply this ? Thanks if you reply :) I really appreciate that .

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