[TRANS] 13.03.27 EXO-M Site Update: ‘Hello everyone. This is EXO-M’s Xiumin’

We are one!!!
Hello. This is EXO XIUMIN.

Thank you very very much for congratulating my 24th birthday today.
You always cheer for us yet
you even congratulated my birthday… I, Xiumin…am tearing up…

And I’m sorry… I don’t know everyone’s birthday…
Because I’m the only one getting congratulated like this, I don’t know how to express my appreciation.

Us EXO!!

In order to go find you guys!!
For the comeback!!
We are preparing and preparing hard so please anticipate a lot and,

Lastly, I, Xiumin, am going to confess to everyone again.
I love you ♥

source : exo-m’s website
eng trans by : nahbit@exok-trans

reup-shared by : Parkly @EXOnesia

reshared by HJS ADOREXONLY

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