[CLOSED] [PRESENT FOR EXO] Dear My Deer ‘s LUvely Day!!!! Deadline in April 11st 2013


LUHAN Birthday is coming!! Dear My Deer (Luhan fansite) has a project to celebrate it called LUvely Day. Let’s Join Indonesia fans and show our love and care to this lovely dear <3

LUvely Day has 4 sections,
1. To. My Deer
2. l LUVE U! Plz send a heart !
3. Fund-raising for b-day
4. Personal gift & hand-written letter.

For Section 1 and 2 You can do it by yourself. Visit: exoluhan.com They have Indonesian ver notice for you, guys^^

3. Fund-raising for Bday
I’ll help you collecting the donation.

Minimum donation is 60.000 IDR
Dear My Deer will give special gifts for fans who donate more than 160.000 IDR. (photo card 2pcs, postcard 2pcs, anti-electric sticker)(include EMS if you collect it via coordinator)
every photo in poster card, photo card will be composed of undisclosed photo. We hope there will be a lot of fans who’ll participate♥

Donation dateline: 11 April 2013 at 11:45pm
We are their coordinator from Indonesia.

4. Personal gift & hand-written letter
[DONE] all presents have sent to Dear My Deer.

If you have any question for Dear My Deer ‘s LUvely Day -bday project-, you can contact us,

ASK US ON ask.fm/presentofme

Twitter : @dear_my_deer @lilcrusnik07 @ADOREXONLY
Email: xoxoexo@hanmail.net or blackstar1419@gmail.com

Thank you and Let’s Join the project!!


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