[NEWS] 130226 – What country are the EXO-K hyungs from?


On the 22 at 3 in the afternoon, 6 member group EXO-K found and volunteered in the nursery room of Eden I Ville in Hawangsimni-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. Baekhyun and Suho are cleaning the floor with mops.

Have you ever looked upon a male’s back waist full on while he was wiping the bathroom floor? It seems that the boy group EXO-K with the mysterious concept of “boys who came from a superior planet (Exoplanet)” came to the earth to clean.

The past 22nd at 3pm, EXO-K’s six members D.O (Do Kyungsoo, 21), Kai (Kim Jongin, 20), Suho (Kim Junmyeon, 23), Chanyeol (Park Chanyeol, 22), Sehun (Oh Sehun, 20), Baekhyun (Byun Baekhyun, 22) visited Eden I Ville’s nursery room in Hawangsimni-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. It was in order to thoroughly clean the living area of infants and teenagers that range from 0 to 18 years of age and to spend time with the children. “Oh My Star” participated in this.

Having volunteered at nursing homes and facilities for the disabled before debut, this is the third time that EXO-K has come to this place. The members stated “We volunteer at many places, but we like it the most when we come to meet the kids”. Now, they can even recognize the kids and say “You’ve really grown a lot”. Even if they don’t know what EXO-K is, at the entrance of joyful faces that they’ve made relationships with as oppas, hyungs, or uncles, the kids greet them with tight hugs.


EXO-K’s D.O is cleaning Eden I Ville cafeteria.

Do they clean this thoroughly at the dorm also?

With the chant ‘cleaning start’ D.O, Baekhyun, and Suho head to the basement cafeteria, Kai and Sehun to the playroom, and Chanyeol to the bathroom, moving in perfect order. The reporter who couldn’t just play picked up a mop to help when D.O, who was in charge of the vacuum, said“You have to remove the dirt before you clean with the water”, so he decided to follow the ‘volunteer sunbae’s’ teachings.

The cafeteria cleaning ended quicker than expected.This was due to Eden I Ville’s female middle school students who volunteered to mop. It’s unknown whether they usually clean like this, but the kids sighed because the cafeteria wasn’t as big as a field and used “oppa” as strength as they finished up the happiest cleaning in the world.

The cleaning of the play room ended just in time also. Sehun, who was in charge of the steam cleaner had very meticulous hands. At the question “Do you usually clean this thoroughly at the dorm?” Sehun and Kai replied with “Aha”, not confirming or denying as they smiled. Meanwhile, Chanyeol, who had become one with the brush, was getting the stubborn dirt off the floor. Even when expressing his thoughts, “I’m always the one cleaning the bathrooms”Chanyeol continued to smile.


The EXO-K members are starting a jacks battle with the Eden I Vill kids. Now is Kai’s turn.

Jacks battle with the ‘oppas’, will they be able to forget about it

Even for the ‘Play with me’ mission, Chanyeol works especially hard. Thanks(?) to the fact he’s the tallest out of the members, he’s been receiving love to carry the children on his shoulders. Moreover, Kai fiercely rolled around on the floor with the little boys. The little kid who only stuck by Kai’s side remembered the uncle who played with him the most. Sehun, who dyed his hair blonde, after being asked “Hyung, from what country are you from?” by a little kid burst into laughter.

As soon as Baekhyun entered the infants’ room, he put the little girl who said he was cute on his knees, said “I kept this one to give to her” and took out a candy. Sehun also added : “There was a kid who said I was really pretty but she left to the US because she got adopted”, expressing his regret. He then said, nodding : “It’s a good thing she found nice parents”. D.O. totally got absorbed in a game of slap-match with a little boy who took part into the contest. Suho who couldn’t be found anywhere was in another room comforting a newly born kid alone.

The highlight of this day’s was the end of the Jacks battles between Chanyeol, Kai and the female middle schoolers. With this one game, the stars and fans became one. Since they were kids who are almost adolescents, they probably will never be able to forget this memory. Finally, they wrapped it up by taking a celebratory picture with a girl who had a picture of EXO-K on her wall, showing a thrilling sense.


EXO-K’s Sehun and D.O are giving the kids rides on their shoulders.

Even though they only held kids for a few hours, their shoulders felt stiff. When asked if they could just rest now, the leader Suho replied : “I think we will have to practice until 1~2AM after eating”. It’s because it’s before their comeback that they were able to do voluntary work. But EXO-K still promised to meet with the kids again.

Just after EXO-K left, a little boy came running after changing into a Taekwondo uniform. He wanted to show the uncles a Taekwondo performance but he was a little bit late. So he said they had to come back again to see the little Earthling’s Taekwondo demonstration.

Eden I Ville’s director Lee Soyoung
“Nice and bright EXO-K, they also work hard”

Eden I Ville, located in Seoul Seongdong-gu, is a nice and benevolent place that offers nursery facilities, hoping to help kids just like Eden. It opened in 1950 as an infant home and officially got the facility appellation in 2010.

Eden I Ville’s mom, director Lee Soyoung (55) has been running this place since December 2008 after the former director, Lee Hyungsook, passed away. Director Lee Soyoung explained “Since they are kids who have grown here ever since they were newly born babies, they call their teachers ‘Mommy’” and added “Even though we can’t be their parents, we make sure they’re being raised properly” . 

The connection between EXO-K and Eden I Ville started to form approximately three years ago when they were still trainees. About the members, director Lee Soyoung described them by saying “They do not try to dodge anything and are the type to find and do the work”. She added, praising them “They’re bright and work along with the teachers well and the kids also like them a lot.”

source: Oh my star
translation cr; zesha & saphira @ exok-trans

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